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The Way of Tastes



Since 1991 we have been promoting Made in Italy and Italian companies internationally. We have developed a new division that deals with food products, especially those products that are related to the Mediterranean diet such as oil, pasta, rice, preserves and all regional cheeses.

Our goal is to export these products to the Gulf area because we know that they greatly appreciate the premium products and specialties of small Italian companies, indeed they are looking for small companies precisely because of their ability and flexibility to respond to specific needs.

Tast show Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The event aims to involve about 50 guests selected among potential clients, in the retail and horeca fields, but also professionals in the journalistic, digital and professional fields. The meeting will take place between 4 pm and 8 pm, and will have development in two distinct parts.

It will be a great opportunity to give prestige to the gastronomic traditions of our country … true celebration of Made in Italy!

PS: A further event is also scheduled at the Conrad Hotel in Abu Dhabi for Monday 13 November with the same format. The final confirmation of this second event will take place at the beginning of September.

supply and demand

  1. The Consortium for GCC area programs
  2. A sustainable budget program
  3. Coordination of activities
  4. Partnership with a UAE company
  5. Collective mark Consortile
  6. Enhancement of the product chain
  7. Making customer relationships more effective
  8. Exclusive local agent
  9. Joint advertising programme
  10. Fairs and attached Post-Fair Meeting
  11. Coordinated product promotion over 12 months
  12. Shipment coordination
  13. Transport from Italian Hub to Emirati Hub, product/label registration, customs clearance, logistics and deliveries

Special offers and promotions

Explore our special offers and be tempted by the wonderful bargains we have in store for you, and we are sure you are sure to find something to whet your appetite. Each product offered here represents the culinary excellence of our country, made with handcrafted care and selected ingredients to ensure an unforgettable experience

Members of the consortium


Explore our product categories and discover the culinary treasures Italy has to offer. We are proud to present a careful selection of authentic products, made with passion and respect for Italian culinary traditions.

Pasta and rice
Dairy products
Confectionery products
Food preserves
Bio selection

The way of flavors shop

Quality is our top priority. Each product on offer has been carefully selected from the best Italian producers, known for their craftsmanship and respect for culinary traditions. We are committed to offering you only the highest quality products, guaranteeing the freshness, authenticity and distinctive taste that only Made in Italy products can offer.



Energy products


We work directly with a small selection of artisanal producers, chosen for their excellence in producing high-quality food. Each producer we work with has a unique story to tell, a family tradition passed down through generations, and a deep knowledge of Italian culinary secrets.

Nutritionist and Mediterranean diet: your path to a healthy life

The Mediterranean diet is much more than just a diet, it is a lifestyle that cleverly combines nutrition, tradition and culture, bringing numerous health benefits.

Recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the Mediterranean diet embraces the sun-kissed countries of the Mediterranean, such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco.

The Mediterranean diet is based on the consumption of whole grains, fruits, seasonal vegetables, legumes, fish and the use of olive oil.

Every bite will transport you directly to the picturesque Mediterranean lands. Good health has never been so tasty.