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About Us | The Way of Tastes

Innovation in the service of tradition:from field to table

The consortium’s experience in the SME sector dates back to 1991, when GSL emerged as a nonprofit player specializing in internationalization consulting for companies.

After 30 years of activity, success and internationally recognized leadership, the consortium has decided to dedicate a slice of its expertise to companies that represent the best and authenticity of Italian agri-food products. With the construction of “The Way of Flavors,” a framework of international enhancement was created for small local producers, who globally make up more than 80 percent of the production fabric of the agribusiness chain. In this highly selected environment, the individual producer pours all his care, attention and love from centuries-old family and territorial traditions onto each production stage.

“The Way of Tastes” is innovation because it aims to:

  • Uniting the best producers of typical Italian regional products by selecting them according to criteria of excellence;
  • Propose agricultural and food excellence with a consortium spirit aimed at enhancing the value of true made in Italy,
  • Working with a strategic and shared vision for the international market development of all members;
  • Manage internally on behalf of associates all functional operational steps for product export, from logistics and distribution management (supply chain) to document and bureaucratic practices;
  • Through the consortium’s marketplace, eliminate intermediate steps in the sales chain by reaching the end consumer directly;
  • To give value and strength to small and medium-sized producers, making them key players in the international market as well, thanks to the business network the consortium has.

The guiding star of “The Way of Flavors” is to facilitate contact between small producers and international customers. The data we collected confirm that most SME products are marketed through various intermediaries, with additional costs inevitably ending up as a business penalty. Our task is to select companies that offer products with distinctive characteristics and peculiarities, best representing the Made in Italy food and wine traditions in the world.