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Brand CERT

In the spring of 2023, the GSL Consortium obtained the registration of its collective quality mark with the Ministry of Productive Activities. This brand, known as “CERT” and owned by the Consortium, has as its main objective the support of small and medium-sized enterprises during the development process.

Its mission is to offer a powerful communication tool, both nationally and internationally, to support member companies that meet rigorous ethical and production standards.

The “CERT” certification is a prestigious recognition, intended not only for ORGANIC, DOP, IGP and DOC producers, but also for small and medium-sized businesses that preserve the rich Italian culinary tradition with an ethical and sustainable approach. This initiative translates into greater visibility and commercial success for certified companies.

It is important to underline that this certification offers a significant advantage to member companies wishing to increase their commercial penetration in specific supply chain markets.

The “CERT” brand of the GSL Consortium not only attests to the ethics and sustainability of company operations, but also serves as a differentiation tool against competitors.

This, in turn, facilitates access to domestic and foreign markets, helping to position the consortium companies as leaders in their respective production chains, which include ORGANIC, PDO, PGI and DOC producers, as well as committed small and medium-sized enterprises in maintaining the Italian culinary tradition.

Thanks to this certification, consortium companies can consolidate their presence in target markets and increase their relevance on a global level.

Last but not least, it should be highlighted that this certification offers member companies a further economic advantage through the optimization of transport costs. Thanks to the collective organization within the GSL Consortium, companies can benefit from a notable economy of scale.

Sharing logistics resources and jointly planning shipments allows companies to significantly reduce transportation costs, improving overall operational efficiency.

This not only increases the competitiveness of the consortium companies in national and international markets, but also contributes to reducing the environmental impact thanks to more sustainable logistics.

In summary, the “CERT” certification not only guarantees the quality and ethics of company operations, but also creates a unique opportunity to save on transport, improving the overall profitability of the companies involved.