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GSL Consortium

Professionalism and leadership for SME internationalization

GSL Export, a nonprofit consortium, was established back in 1991, operating in the subcontracting sector from the very beginning.

GSL Export has succeeded:

  1. To provide international customers with a network of Italian companies capable of producing a finished product, thus meeting market needs in terms of quality and economic competitiveness;
  2. to help enterprises open new business outlets effectively.

Why has the GSL Export consortium always stood for innovation?

With GSL Export’s 30 years of experience, we have had the opportunity to listen to and get to know many entrepreneurs (now our associates) operating in small and medium-sized Italian businesses.

Marketing products in an international scenario is a goal coveted by almost all respondents, but, complicit with the lack of in-house professionals specialized in export operations, (such as tax, financial and logistics management) have forced companies to come to terms with a harsh reality: to open new markets it is necessary to plan very expensive investments that not all companies can cope with.

Large groups, on the other hand, have been able to position themselves effectively in foreign markets due to greater economic and entrepreneurial strength than the Italian SME.

The synergy created by GSL Export and the shared know-how, aided by the logic of economy of scale, have enabled the consortium members to achieve those set sales goals through the marketing of products or services in international markets resulting in increased turnover and consolidation of the company’s position in the markets, without having to resort to substantial investments burdensome on the company’s coffers by being able to count on the support of a non-profit consortium structure.

Therefore, we decided to offer our Export expertise for the Food sector, a sector of strategic importance in the better market thus launching the project of “The Way of Flavors.”