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As planned and announced by our president a few weeks ago, during the first days of November we implemented a series of events dedicated to the culture and promotion of Italian cuisine. These initiatives were organized in conjunction with the fourteenth edition of the International Week of Italian Cuisine in the World.

Our action has developed through three different initiatives, all united by a single goal: to present the gastronomic excellence of our territory and, at the same time, to build a cultural foundation that highlights the distinctive factor of their qualities.

What was the purpose of the event?

A few years ago, we launched an innovative project in the food sector: bringing together the best producers of typical Italian regional products to conquer the market of the United Arab Emirates.

We have focused mainly on small and medium-sized companies, favouring products certified as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

Our goal is to present, through a consortium of Italian companies, an assortment of producers who offer only excellence.

The events are designed to enhance brands and products in the Middle East market, leveraging the advantages of economies of scale and expertise in export, customs, product registration, logistics and warehouse management, as well as shared distribution.


The Speciality Food Festival

The first event was the participation in “The Speciality Food Festival“, an international exhibition event dedicated exclusively to premium and gourmet food and beverage.

The Speciality Food Festival is not only the only trade fair dedicated to gastronomy and fine dining in the MENA region, but it is also the best marketplace in the world for the best chefs, restaurants, hoteliers, suppliers and industry leaders to come together. An exclusive showcase of the finest fine food, exotic ingredients, artisanal discoveries and handpicked gourmet brands.

In our stand we organized tasting moments of the products present:

During the event, which took place over three days, we received several interlocutors. In some cases, specific requests have been made, which are already in the process of commercial evolution.


Italian Cuisine World Summit: welcome to our table

The second and third events, held on November 9th at the Amunì restaurant at Emirates Tower in Dubai and on the 13th at Sole Restaurant, Etihad Tower in Abu Dhabi, known as “Welcome to our table“, were organized in a double phase, starting with a symposium on food quality followed by a moment of tasting.

The Symposium was inaugurated by our nutritionist Emanuela Russo, who introduced the peculiarities of the Mediterranean diet, its origin, its values and the positive impacts on the health and well-being of our body.

The microphone then passed from the hands of the staff, Cinzia Cagliani (President) and Simone Pessina (marketer), to give voice to the baskets and producers who took part in the initiatives we organized.

The first to take the floor was Damiano Delfante, representative of the dairy of the same name in Calestano, in the province of Parma.

Damiano Delfante is a Parmigiano Reggiano producer who has inherited the passion and expertise of a family of cheesemakers who have been working in the sector for more than 100 years. Damiano provided an exciting excursus about the experiential, passionate and technological element behind the production of mountain Parmigiano Reggiano.


Afterwards, the microphone passed into the hands of Saba dell’Oca, legal representative of the company Only Juice (Barcelona P.G., in the province of Messina), an Australian family-run company with over 50 years of experience in the production of juices. With products suitable for every occasion, Only Juice offers a wide range of products: from Premium Juice and Classic Juice to our delicious fruit drinks.


Afterwards he intervened Angel Flace, represented by the Paradise Dairy (Santeramo in Colle, Bari) which presented the qualitative selection profiles (from the care for raw materials to all the processing steps) of the typical dairy products of the Murgia Bari region: the mozzarella of Gioia del Colle and the different variations of caciocavallo.


Finally, the Symposium was closed by the intervention of Leopoldo Moretto, CEO of Syform (Casier, Treviso). Founded in 1999 by Dr. Leopoldo Moretto, Syform was born as a research and formulation project of natural products for Sport and Wellness, and in more than twenty years of history it has achieved goals of the highest level, becoming a partner and official supplier of international teams and athletes.

Syform’s goal has always been to create a solution that improves the quality of life. Syform has always pursued the idea of creating supplements not only for competition, but also for well-being, good nutrition and the treatment of specific diseases.

During the event, Leopoldo talked about some generic profiles related to food supplementation both in sports and wellness. This was followed by a quick presentation of some practical application cases: some products that have been used in everyday practice.


These events were attended by about 35 professional operators, including horeca, specialized retailers and importers. The success of the initiative seems evident and is reflected in a quick comment by President Cinzia Cagliani. Our goal was to transfer emotions with our food, did we succeed? The next few months will tell!! It was certainly an exciting experience…

Testimonials from staff members

The first to speak was Simone Pessina, marketing manager of the GSL consortium who told about this experience and the events in which they participated. He concluded, saying that they are very happy and satisfied with how things went.

The second to speak was Cinzia Cagliani, president of the GSL consortium, who began by talking about the new adventure in which they are trying their hand in the food sector. Finally, he concluded by saying that they will make it and will never give up despite the difficulties, hoping to find the right entrepreneurs.

Finally, Emanuela Russo, dietician and nutritionist, spoke and explained the importance of the Mediterranean diet and optimal products to improve health.


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