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Blue Efa


Efa Blu is indicated to enrich the diet with Omega 3 fatty acids, in the presence of chronic inflammatory phenomena, such as in autoimmune diseases and affecting the osteoarticular apparatus, in case of memory deficit, to keep the nervous system and skin healthy. Blue Efa is indicated to help reduce the painful symptoms of PMS.
It is recommended to usually take 2 pearls a day, preferably after main meals. Since a precise minimum daily requirement is not established, the dose can be increased to 6 pearls per day.


Efa Blu is a food supplement with 72% polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega 3 series, with a minimum concentration of 60% in EPA and DHA (in a 2: 1 ratio) in the form of triglycerides, the most natural and bioavailable molecular form of fish oil.
It also contains Vitamin E and rosemary extract, known for their antioxidant properties. The chemical form of Omega 3 as a triglyceride rather than an ethyl ester is the same as that found in nature; it seems that our body has a greater ability to recognize and assimilate Omega 3 fatty acids as triglycerides.
Efa Blu contains “five-star” fish oil for quality, obtained by steam treatment of fish, deodorized and purified by triple molecular distillation, so as to guarantee the complete absence of pesticides and heavy metals in the final product.


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