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Caciotta with chilli pepper


It is a particular cheese made with cow’s milk. After the process of stewing and salting, rest on wooden boards for about 20 -30 days. The paste is compact, soft, yellowish white and sprinkled with chili flakes. Delicate and spicy at the same time, the spicy caciottina is the right choice for those who love to dare. The taste is pleasantly spicy and is particularly suitable as a table cheese.
Ideal to eat naturally, they are recommended to embellish aperitifs and appetizers, marrying perfectly with pears and broad beans.


Caciotta with chilli pepper is a cheese rich in flavor and tradition. Prepared with artisan care, this dairy product stands out for its soft and creamy texture, enriched with the right dose of chili pepper that gives a spicy and enveloping touch. Caciotta with chilli pepper is a pleasure for the palate, perfect to enjoy alone or as an ingredient in various dishes. The spicy chili blends with the sweetness of cheese, creating a unique balance of flavors. This satisfying cheese is a delight for lovers of bold taste and represents an unforgettable culinary experience.


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