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Caciotta with Pistachio


It is a particular cheese produced with cow’s milk. With a fresh and delicate taste, soft, compact and with a color ranging from milky white to straw yellow, it is obtained with a maturation period of about 20 – 30 days. In this caciotta, which is born naturally sweet and almost buttery, we use whole shelled green pistachios, which mixed with spun dough, create a unique and pleasant contrast of consistency given by the softness of the cheese and the uniqueness of the pistachio. Ideal to be eaten fresh in delicious typical Italian appetizers, accompanied by cold cuts or on pizza as a base of melted cheese.
Delicate and crunchy, it is the right choice for those who love a particular cheese.


Caciotta with pistachio is a culinary delicacy that enchants the senses with its union of tradition and innovation. This artisanal cheese is enriched with pieces of pistachio, which give an explosion of flavor and crunchiness to every bite. Its soft and creamy texture, embraced by the intense aroma and taste of pistachio, make it an irresistible choice. The pistachio caciotta is perfect as an appetizer, in combination with dried fruit or simply spread on crunchy croutons. A combination of dairy tradition and the irresistible taste of pistachio make this cheese a real delicacy for gourmets.


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