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Carnitine tablets contain Acetyl Carnitine.

This has a greater affinity for nerve structures, where it performs an energetic and neuroprotective function.

About 95% of the carnitine present in the body is found in skeletal muscle.

Carnitine acts as a transporter of fatty acids during the process of beta oxidation, which demolishes them for energy purposes at the level of the inner membrane of the mitochondria.

During the phases of intense aerobic effort it is important to benefit from a good availability of Carnitine in order to ensure continuous lipid metabolism and obtain an optimal and prolonged performance over time.

Carnitine improves the energy yield of fats, contributes to the saving of muscle glycogen, delaying fatigue during effort and accelerating post-exercise recovery.


The beneficial effects of carnitine have been used with some success in overweight, to promote cardiovascular well-being in elderly subjects, to counteract sterility associated with poor sperm motility; to improve learning and memory capacity.

Its deficiency is responsible for the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue.

Carnitine is indicated for fatigued subjects, with reduced vitality and overweight, for athletes who practice endurance disciplines.

Take 1 tablet a day preferably during the main meal or 40 minutes before exercise.


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