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“Welcome to our Table” / Symposium on Nutrition and Food Quality + Taste Show/ Dubai and Abu Dhabi: interview with the President of the GSL consortium

taste show dubai
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We are pleased to present you an exclusive interview with the President of the GSL Consortium Cinzia Cagliani, in which she shared exciting details about the taste shows that will take place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in November.

During the interview, the president offered a clear and in-depth view of these initiatives, explaining what they consist of and what objectives they aim to achieve.

What is it about?

Hi, I’m Cinzia Cagliani, I’m the President of the GSL consortium and I take care of the coordination of consortium activities both at the marketing and promotion level and at the commercial and export level.

GSL EXPORT, an acronym for Group Subfor Lombardy, was established with the legal form of a non-profit consortium, with ministerial support for consortium activities and with the aim of reaching international markets through economies of scale.

GSL Export has existed for 33 years and expresses the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to create synergy in the industrial subcontracting sector.

In recent years we have been able to present the small Italian manufacturing company in front of the large European industries.

A couple of years ago we started a new project for the food sector: to unite the best producers of typical Italian regional products to conquer the market of the United Arab Emirates. The operational headquarters are in Dubai, the commercial gateway to the Arab world.

We have always tried to focus on small and medium-sized companies and certified products, i.e. products that are PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Our program is to present, through the pool of Italian companies, a basket of producers only of excellence.

This initiative will take place in the context of the XIV World Cuisine Week , Italian Food in the World and all the events held under the patronage of the Italian Embassy and the Consulate and ICE Offices.

Thanks to the support of the highest local institutions, the GSL Consortium has built and is preparing to implement three moments destined to polarize the attention of the Local professional operators (horeca, specialist retail, trade press, opinion leaders, chefs and nutritionists’ associations) on the differentiating quality prerogatives of the products belonging to the “La Via dei Sapori” basket.

How will the taste show program be for 14th Italian Cuisine World Summit

• The first phase of this initiative is the presence at The Speciality Food Festival, a trade fair scheduled at the World Trade Center Expo Center in Dubai between 7 and 9 November. This moment is aimed at offering the opportunity to explore the market, its evolution and also the existing products. The Consortium has provided a collective area followed by our staff;

Evening at AMUNI RESTAURANT c/o Jumeirah Emirates Towers. The second phase of the taste show will be this moment of cultural and culinary encounter with potential partners and buyers. During this event, the advantages of Italian products will be presented and experiences and knowledge on the food sector will be shared, specifically of the products selected for the event

  1. The execution formula of the events will be mirrored. The opening of the event will be dedicated to a symposium on nutrition and food quality, held by a nutritionist, intended to build a cultural moment of training about the positive characteristics and skills of the Mediterranean diet. Afterwards, guests will take the floor to present and describe the characteristics of the quality production specifications of some of the products included in the basket.
  2. The final part of the taste show will be of a demonstrative nature, and will have the consolidated form of the Taste Show. Taking advantage of the facilities and spaces made available by the exclusive locations that will host us, a team of Italian chefs will create a tasting menu designed to enhance the organoleptic characteristics, taste and flavor of the products coming directly from our Italian SMEs
  3. The third phase of the taste show includes the repetition of the same event formula on November 13 in Abu Dhabi at the Conrad hotel and more precisely at the Sole Restaurant.
Taste Show Dubai Abu Dhabi

The importance of small and medium-sized enterprises

One of the distinctive features of the consortium is its commitment to supporting Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

The goal is always a commercial action aimed at the internationalization of the company that the latter would not be able to develop independently due to cost and time issues.

The consortium pursues the objective of enhancing brands and products in the Middle East market by using all the advantages and benefits of an economy of scale and exploiting the skills of export, customs, product registration, logistics and warehouse management as well as common distribution.

The involvement of local chefs and nutritionists

A key element of the taste show is to actively involve local nutritionists and chefs.

We recognize the importance of making people understand the differences between our products and those that already exist or from other culinary cultures.

These experts not only have a deep knowledge of the Mediterranean diet, but they are also able to clearly illustrate the advantages of using one product over another.

This direct involvement of local professionals adds authenticity and credibility to our project, showcasing the value of our products and promoting a healthier food culture.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in our project, especially in a highly digitized market.

The goal is to prepare the right recall for our events, generate interest and engage our target audience, such as chefs, trade press, importers, distributors and nutritionists.

Social media activities are key to creating awareness and interest around our products and project.

A cultural connection through food

It is said that food, art and sport make up the authentic Esperanto of the world. The GSL Consortium’s initiative goes beyond the export of products; It aims to create a cultural bond through food.

Italian cuisine is a symbol of conviviality, tradition and well-being, and with these taste shows the consortium wants to share this culture with the Middle East.

The Via dei Sapori represents an exciting opportunity to spread Italian food culture and promote well-being through a healthy and tasty diet.