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Smarty is a tonic-nerve supplement, based on particularly synergistic natural active ingredients, very effective to promote concentration, intellectual functions, energy availability.

Caffeine, chemically belongs to the group of methyl-Xanthines, and is able to determine different systemic effects.

Increases the excitability of nerve cells, can determine an increase in blood pressure and muscle contractility, facilitating the transmission of nerve impulse; increases the availability of fats and sugars for energy purposes.

Caffeine induces an increase in the availability of adrenaline, which is a stimulant and causes a temporary improvement in mood.

Taurine is an amino acid present in large quantities in the brain and heart.

It is considered essential in early childhood because it is useful for the proper development of the retina.

Taurine seems to promote a more intense exchange of oxygen between blood and tissues, particularly in the brain; For this reason it is used as a preventive factor in cerebral arteriosclerosis, memory deficits and ability to concentrate.

Finally, its insulin-mimetic activity was highlighted, which promotes the best cellular utilization of glucose.


Rhodiola Rosea, is a medicinal plant that grows in the regions of Eastern Siberia, today considered perhaps the most effective adaptogen known, superior to ginseng and eleutherococcus.

Its root is rich in polyphenols and phenylpropoanoids among which the most important is salidroside, rosavin, rhodiolin, rosarina and rosina, whose presence in the extract is a guarantee of “rosy” quality.

Rhodiola has an anti-stress, antidepressant action, improves concentration; promotes anabolic processes: increases hemoglobin levels, erythrocyte counts and reduces the formation of lactic acid and uric acid.

The recommended functional dosage of Rhodiola is 200 mg per day, but the likely effective dose is at least 500 mg per day.

Smarty is indicated to counteract feelings of weakness, apathy, poor reactivity to stimuli, to improve concentration in study and performance in sports.

Take 1 tablet daily, as needed. It manifests its action after about 40 minutes from intake.


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