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Rox-E is particularly suitable in case of unbalanced diet, lacking in fruit and vegetables, for those who are subjected to intense physical activity and live in unhealthy environments.
It is also ideal for preparing and protecting the skin from the sun, promoting tanning. Regarding its use, we recommend taking the product for periods not exceeding two months.
In fact, lipophilic nutrients can accumulate in adipose tissues, and become the cause of some undesirable effects.
Vitamin A, for example, accumulating in the liver can cause signs similar to jaundice (yellow color of the face).
Take 1 capsule a day, with a meal for a period of 2 months alternating with 2 months of suspension.


Rox-E is considered a chemically “lipophilic” antioxidant, similar to fats.
It is a natural concentrate, at high dosage, of micronutrients with a strong antioxidant action, extracted from “red” vegetables: Tomato, Blood Orange, Red Vine and Astaxanthin.
It contains carotenoids, polyphenols, including anthocyanins, and a high dosage of tocotrienols, a group of substances that belong to the vitamin E family, but express an antioxidant capacity 40-60 times higher than that of alpha-tocopherol.


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