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Multi b50 complex


Multi B50 Complex contains all the B vitamins, even the less known, obtained from natural sources, such as rice bran, alpha alpha, spirulina and chlorophyll.
Vitamin B complex plays an essential role in numerous metabolic processes affecting fats, proteins and carbohydrates in energy and plastic compounds, in ensuring the health of the immune and nervous systems, skin, hair, eyes, mouth and liver.


Being highly water-soluble, the body easily eliminates them so these vitamins must be regularly replenished with the diet.

Manifestations of excess are extremely rare, while it may happen that serious deficiency diseases of some of them occur (eg Pellagra due to vitamin PP deficiency and Beri from vitamin B1 deficiency).

Obvious symptoms of vitamin B deficiency are fatigue, loss of appetite, angular stomatitis, dermatitis.

Many B vitamins are interdependent with each other; This means that the lack of one of them can impair the functionality of others.

For this reason, they must be taken at the same time.


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