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Essential 8+


Essenziale 8+ is particularly useful to increase the nutritional quality of our diet, in case of disordered diet and insufficient protein intake, to counteract fatigue and chronic infections, to improve intellectual activity and mood, to give tone, volume and strength to the muscles.

The intake of amino acids is valuable for elderly subjects, to preserve a good functioning of the hormonal system, maintain good tissue elasticity; It can be useful in various pathologies including rheumatic disorders, peripheral vascular, depressive syndromes. They are strongly recommended during sports activity lasting over an hour and a half and at the end of the exercise to accelerate recovery.

Take on average 5 tablets or 1 sachet a day, possibly together with a fruit or fruit juice, simple sugars, at any time of the day, preferably between meals.

For the most demanding athletes it is possible to double the dose, to be divided into two administrations.


Essenziale 8+ is a balanced supplement of essential and semi-essential amino acids in free form, pharmaceutical quality, immediately available to the body, with added vitamin B6.

They are obtained with natural biofermentation method, starting from molasses, therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

In terms of ratios and dosages of individual amino acids, the formulation refers to the prescription of international guidelines.

A proper diet must necessarily include the daily intake of a correct adequate dosage of essential amino acids.

They are essential for the proper functioning of all organs and tissues; Therefore, their deficiency is immediately reflected in the quality of life.

A supplement based on essential amino acids promotes a general state of well-being, it is indicated in case of malnutrition or increase in their needs, during growth, sports activity, in the third age, in which the body’s ability to digest food is often reduced and the nutritional intake is often inadequate.

Essential amino acids are particularly valuable because the body is able to manufacture many other vital compounds from them, allowing it to overcome even moments of high stress and extreme conditions.


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