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Matrix Repair


Matrix Repair is a nutraceutical formulation that aims to assist the endogenous synthesis of collagen and prevent damage to cartilage tissues. Collagen is a very abundant protein in the human body and is contained in different organs and tissues, especially bones, cartilage, ligaments, hair, including the skin. A reduction in skin collagen concentrations, rather than an abnormal turn-over, is therefore partly responsible for the changes observed in joint problems and skin aging. Even intense physical exercise can cause severe damage to muscle collagen, whose health in terms of elasticity and resistance is essential for optimal sports performance.


Atrix Repair promotes the renewal of cartilage tissues and at the same time prevents damage to pre-existing ones. It is indicated as a nutritional support in the treatment of problems affecting the osteoarticular apparatus, in structural and functional alterations of connective tissue, following inflammation phenomena of different origin. It is also indicated for athletes, as it is useful for reducing impact inflammation, decreasing the recovery time of muscle damage and lowering post-workout fatigue levels. Take 1 scoop equal to 15 g to dissolve in a glass of water, once a day, before bedtime or after intense exercise.


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