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Magnesium 3


Magnesium 3 is a magnesium supplement in three highly assimilable organic molecular forms: citrate, glycerophosphate and bisglycinate, which certainly represent more bioavailable and effective forms of administration.
Magnesium is an essential mineral for the health of our body, in which it participates in many processes, in particular energy such as glycolysis and Krebs cycle, to support enzymatic activity and regulate the conduction of nerve stimuli.
Magnesium is an essential regulator of cell membrane excitability control. Its deficiency is the cause of cramps and muscle pain, fatigue, fatigability; It can also affect normal cardiac activity.


Magnesium 3 is indicated in case of food deficiency or increased need for this nutrient.
Magnesium supplementation helps to counteract various physiological conditions, such as fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, muscle cramps, and is particularly suitable for those who practice intense physical activity.
Take 1 tablet, twice a day, after main meals.


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