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Reisprint is a saline supplement indicated for athletes and all those who perform intense and prolonged physical activity over time, to correct energy needs and replenish mineral salts lost due to marked sweating.

Take 20 g a day (equal to about 1 level scoop) dissolved in 500 ml of water. Take 500 ml to 1 litre throughout the day as needed.


Reisprint is a pro-energy saline supplement designed for athletes, able to quickly guarantee cellular hydration, the restoration of muscle energy stores and reserves of sodium, potassium and magnesium mineral salts in a very well assimilable form, lost during effort due to intense sweating.

The remarkable energy intake of Reisprint is produced by three types of perfectly balanced carbohydrates: maltodextrin (D.E. 10), fructose and glucose.

Thanks to their different assimilation times, Reisprint is able to constantly supply energy to the body without causing changes in blood sugar.

During exercise, glucose has an absorption limit, normally around 50-70 g/hour.

The presence of fructose, which is introduced into the body with a transport system other than glucose, increases the energy potential, creating a strong synergy between the 2 sugars.

Reisprint can be used before, during, after the activity, as it is very versatile.

It also contains the amino acid taurine which promotes greater mental concentration and improves oxygen supply to cells during effort.

The Red Vine acts as a vasodilator, contributes significantly to oxygen in the muscles, and guarantees an important antioxidant protection.

The free radicals produced during the effort are one of the main factors of inflammation during exercise, co-responsible, with the accumulation of various toxins to block performance.

Depending on the dose used, 20 – 30 g per 500 ml, we get a hypo or isotonic drink, respectively.


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