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Diamond Whey


Diamond Whey® is a useful supplement in case of increased protein needs, when the intake with the diet is insufficient and difficult to sustain.
For its favorable action on trophism and efficiency of the muscle, it is suitable for active and sporty people who want to keep themselves in perfect efficiency; improves muscle elasticity, tone and vigor; It is indicated to support the immune system and the endocrine system. It is also indicated for those who have difficulty digesting common protein foods. It can also be successfully used to reduce storage fat.
In fact, proteins promote greater calorie consumption than carbohydrates and fats.


It is a supplement of whey protein isolate, particularly qualitative, with a high protein percentage, up to 95% s / s.
It contains the full spectrum of whey protein fractions, isolated by cross-microfiltration and ultrafiltration (Cross Flow).
The high degree of purity makes Diamond Whey® incredibly soluble and digestible, unique in its kind.
This process differs from other production processes, as it guarantees the extraction of all whey proteins, and not just a part of them, thus ensuring a higher quality standard to the final product.
Its peculiarities are:

100% Isolac – Carbery
21% branched chain amino acids
0.8% fat
Lactose <1%
Biological value of 104
B vitamins


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