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Creatp is a pure creatine monohydrate supplement Creapure®, in micronized form (200 mesh) which makes it more bioavailable than a traditional form.

Creatine is a substance naturally present in our muscle tissue, in the form of phosphocreatine, which acts as an important energy reserve for short and intense maximal effort.

Several studies confirm that its intake for a period of time around 20-30 days, favors the increase of physiological reserves of phosphocreatine, whose availability helps to delay the onset of fatigue and muscle lactate.

The same studies also seem to confirm that creatine promotes the increase of lean muscle mass, thanks to its ability to ensure good intracellular hydration.

Recent studies confirm that creatine is an effective energy support, to also support the activity of the heart and nervous system, so much so that it is successfully used in heart failure, mental fatigue and memory disorders.

Thanks also to its moisturizing action, it acts as an excellent muscle toning agent for elderly subjects, whose muscle concentration of creatine is generally reduced.


Creatp is indicated to improve energy availability in general, but more precisely in anaerobic sports, of short duration and high intensity (speed, weightlifting). Taking creatine is useful for supporting heart tone and mental performance. We recommend taking creatine with a sugary drink or simple glucose (15 g), which seems to improve intestinal assimilation of creatine.

Take 3.5 g a day (equal to about 1 scoop) dissolved in water, preferably between meals and possibly in the first part of the day. We recommend using the product for a duration of 10 to 30 days. Creatp can also be associated with a fruit or fruit juice, simple sugars, but avoiding complex foods. For the most demanding athletes it is possible to double the dose, to be taken in two administrations.


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