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Caciotta with Walnuts


It is a particular cheese made with cow’s milk. After the process of stewing and salting, rest on wooden boards for about 20-30 days. The paste is compact, soft, yellowish white and sprinkled with walnuts. It is fresh, soft, fragrant and tasty. The delicate flavor of the cheese blends with that of the best nuts creating an intense and fragrant flavor.
An ideal cheese for the preparation of appetizers and bruschetta, to enrich salads or even alone with crispy bread and wine.


Caciotta with walnuts is a real treat for the palate. This cheese, made with craftsmanship, stands out for its creamy texture and the touch of nuts that gives a rich and enveloping flavor. The nuts, crunchy and aromatic, blend perfectly with the sweetness of the cheese, creating a unique gustatory balance. The caciotta with walnuts is an ideal choice for appetizers, cheese dishes, or simply to be enjoyed with a good bread. This cheese is an ode to the Italian dairy tradition and offers an unforgettable sensory experience for lovers of taste and refinement.


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