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Caciotta with truffle


It is a particular cheese produced with cow’s milk with the addition of pieces of black truffle that characterize its flavor, aroma and aroma.
The shape is ivory in color with black dots given by the added truffle. It is obtained with a ripening period of about 20 – 30 days.
The truffle caciotta is excellent if consumed in purity with homemade bread paired with red wines.
It is also used to flavor fresh salads but also as a condiment for baked pasta dishes.


Caciotta with truffles is an Italian cheese with delicious and aromatic characteristics. It is a variation of the traditional caciotta, enriched with the addition of pieces or aroma of black or white truffle, depending on the variants available. The truffle gives the caciotta an earthy and intense aroma, enriching the delicate flavor of the cheese with unique aromatic notes. The consistency of truffle caciotta is usually compact and slightly creamy, making it perfect to spread on croutons or to enjoy alone. It is often appreciated by lovers of refined flavors and represents an excellent choice for a unique and sophisticated gastronomic experience.


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