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Scamorza cheese


Scamorza is a spun paste cheese made from cow’s milk. The paste obtained is shaped and immersed in hot water. The high temperatures spin the dough that will form the scamorza.
In this phase, thanks to the work of our cheesemakers, the classic rounded shape of the scamorza cheese is made, which is finally immersed in brine and, subsequently, left to dry hanging with a loop. The taste is delicate, the scent of milk is minimal and the paste is white, compact and elastic.


Scamorza is a treasure of Italian cuisine, a spun paste cheese that enchants with its simplicity and versatility. With a light smoke or natural, scamorza captures the hearts of gourmets. Its elastic and tasty texture makes it perfect to be grilled or melted on pizzas and sandwiches. In addition, scamorza is an ideal companion for appetizers, salads and vegetable dishes. With its delicate and enveloping flavor, scamorza is an essential element in the Italian table, a cheese that knows how to conquer every palate with its simple but inimitable goodness.


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