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Drenature is indicated as an adjuvant to counteract swelling, overweight, cellulite, water retention, digestive difficulties and metabolic fatigue that often accompanies subjects subjected to stress and disordered life.
Dilute 1-2 scoops (20-40 ml) in 1 liter of low-sodium mineral water and drink several times throughout the day.
Shake before use.


It is a drink preparation based on concentrated aqueous extracts of plants, whose association is effective to promote a general purifying diuretic activity.
The extract used in particular is obtained from dry extract of mother tincture, a pharmaceutical form never used in the past to obtain a subsequent aqueous extract.
The mother tincture is obtained from fresh plant, which as such always contains a richer and more functional phytocomplex of active ingredients.
Drenature stimulates in particular the draining activity of the liver and kidneys.


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