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Malt + Gel


Malt + gel is indicated in all types of sports, short, medium, long duration, to improve energy efficiency. It finds its ideal use in endurance running, in which maintaining a constant psycho-physical and energetic balance is fundamental for performance.
Take 1 single dose of Malt + gel 1-1.5 hours before the effort, possibly also during the same, followed by a sip of water that improves assimilation.


Malto+ gel is a preparation based on pure maltodextrin D.E.10, ready for use and in gel form.
Retains all properties described for Malto+.
It is our first supplement naturally sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana, a medicinal plant.

The aroma was used in a modest dose to avoid altering the gastrointestinal and nervous balance during exercise.


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