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Taste show in Dubai

As part of the development of its 2023 international promotion program, GSL FOOD, with the local support of its partner LUMINAR TRADING, organizes for the day of Thursday 9 November a technical seminar followed by a Taste Show in order to present the organoleptic characteristics,
nutritional and taste of premium products included in the basket of “La Via dei Sapori”.

The event aims to involve about 50 guests selected among potential clients, in the retail and horeca fields, but also professionals in the journalistic, digital and professional fields. The meeting will take place between 4 pm and 8 pm, and will have development in two distinct parts. The first will be dedicated to the technical seminar, held by a nutritionist by selected speakers to illustrate the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, and the strong differential elements in the use of Italian products of certified origin.
The second part of the event will be an ad hoc tasting, prepared exclusively by Italian chefs. The spectacle of taste ideally will be a buffet of different Italian dishes – all the ingredients will be first choice and, of course, will come directly from our Italian SMEs.

It will be a great opportunity to give prestige to the gastronomic traditions of our country … true celebration of Made in Italy!

PS: A further event is also scheduled at the Conrad Hotel in Abu Dhabi for Monday 13 November with the same format. The final confirmation of this second event will take place at the beginning of September.

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