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Chianti DOP Oil


Extra virgin olive oil produced following the production specification of the D.O.P . protected designation of origin Chianti Classico which guarantees its origin from the Chianti Classico area in Tuscany south of Florence, Italy.

100% Extra virgin olive oil obtained following the production specification D.O.P. Chianti Classico
of the Chianti Classico protected designation of origin and pressed the same day.


Tasting: it is an extra virgin olive oil that opens to the nose with decisive herbaceous notes that bring to mind the smell of fresh vegetables; The taste is balanced, elegant and harmonious and confirms the fresh notes of artichoke with a pleasant and enveloping bitterness and a pronounced spicy note in closing.

Backing tracks: It is excellent to accompany the renowned dishes of Tuscan cuisine, such as the classic Florentine steak, traditional cabbage and legume soups, Mediterranean cuisine, but also for a healthy and simple pinzimonio. An extra virgin olive oil so good that it would also enhance the taste of a chocolate cake, try it!

Oil awarded: 2021 he won the gold award at the NYIOCC and Ercole Olivario and is a finalist at the Leone D’Oro and Lodo Guide Milano.

Authentication: Chianti Classico is a territory in itself very suitable for the production of extra virgin olive oil, we olive growers who live in this territory have the duty to protect it and share it with you.

This gift of nature, guaranteed by the Frantoio del Grevepesa and the Chianti Classico consortium , will bring to the center of your table the unmistakable flavor of the tradition of this wonderful land.

Available in bottle sizes: 250ml-500ml


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