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Smoked Scamorza


Smoked scamorza is a spun curd cheese made from cow’s milk. The paste obtained is shaped and immersed in hot water.
The high temperatures spin the dough that will form the scamorza. In this phase, thanks to the work of our cheesemakers, the classic rounded shape of the scamorza cheese is made, which is finally immersed in brine and, subsequently left to dry – in the cell, for a whole day – hung with a loop. Finally, they are immersed in “liquid smoke”, an aqueous solution of natural smoke aromas.
The smoked scamorza has a thin golden crust, while the paste inside is white and elastic. The aromatic taste of smoking makes this spun paste cheese unique.


Smoked scamorza is an authentic masterpiece of Italian dairy tradition. Obtained from high quality milk, this variant of scamorza undergoes a smoking process that gives it a characteristic smoky flavor and aroma. Its soft and slightly elastic texture makes it perfect to be grilled or used in hot and cold dishes. The smoked scamorza adds a robust and enveloping touch to sandwiches, salads and pizzas. With its unmistakable smoky taste, this dairy delight is a must for lovers of intense flavors and represents an irresistible gastronomic temptation.


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